Papa's Scooperia

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Welcome to Papa's Scooperia where you show off your cooking and decorating skills! In the game, you'll help your character take orders, make cookies, and serve customers. Try to complete the orders perfectly. Get tips to raise your rank! Have a nice time!

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Have you played any version of the Papa's series? This series is one of the most popular game series in the online cooking world. You can play it for free on our website. With simple and addictive gameplay, this cooking game is conquering even the most demanding players.

You can visit our website to play many other games of this entertainment genre. One of the most famous games is Papa's Pizzeria where you make delicious pizzas to serve to customers. Although the gameplay of these games is similar, the unique features are indispensable. In particular, you can play these Papa’s versions without flash on our website.

Papa's Scooperia Characters

Your Character

In the beginning, you can choose your character. There are 3 options. Choose a boy with brown hair, Carlo Romano, or a girl with long orange hair, Koilee, or create a Custom Worker. In the Custom Worker section, you can set and design different characteristics for your characters such as Chef's Name, Gender, Hair Style, Facial Hair, Mouth Height, and many more. These traits will make your character unique. It is based on your preferences.

After starting the game, you can change this information in the Infor (Menu). Besides, you can track stats about your character, including rank, points, tips, holidays, and pay.

Customer Character

The variety of customer characters is indispensable in the versions of the Papa's series. In this version, you will also experience the same feature. There are many different customers. However, you may be impressed by the first three customers: Alberto, Doan, and Ivy.

Customers will show up on different days and make various orders. In particular, this cooking game gives you a new feature. You can collect 3 stickers to unlock a new outfit for your customer.

Scooperia Process

Let's start with training. It would be best if you started with training so you can master all the work you need to do.

Taking Orders

Receive orders from customers after they are in line. The customer will move to the 'Pick Up' line after the customer's request will be automatically recorded. Start placing orders now!

Note that you may lose points if you let customers wait too long during the ordering and picking process.

In addition, you should also note the order ticket where you keep in mind the different requirements. It gives you information about cookie dough, ice cream, topping, syrup, toppers, and order numbers.

Dough Station

You must drag the scooper slowly to create a dough ball during this process. Then, you can click on a mixable bin to add to the cookie dough. If your customer orders more than one cookie at a time, you can repeat the process.

Bake Station

Place your dough in the oven and start baking. You need to pay attention to the baking time. If you want to finish baking, place cookies on a plate. You can serve a customer with multiple cookies by placing those cookies on the same plate.

Build Station

You can finish the cookie-making process by adding ice cream, sundae, syrups, and toppings. These items are obtained based on the customer's request.