Papa's Taco Mia

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About Papa's Taco Mia

Come to Papa's Taco Mia to become the owner of Taco Mia and make amazing tacos. Your mission is to please your customers with the delicious tacos they ordered.

The owner of the Taco Mia store opened a taco-eating contest. The winner will be the one who eats the most tacos and will receive a great reward. The champion will become the new owner of Taco Mia. Tacos are your favorite food. You entered this contest and became the winner. After becoming a Taco Mia shop owner, you have to work on growing your store by making amazing tacos to get 5-star reviews from customers. Taking orders, making the shells, putting the toppings on them, and serving the food. Unlock different ingredients and make your shop look better and work better. Whether you can grow your Taco Mia store into the city's best store or not? Come and enjoy! In addition, if your customers in Papa's Taco Mia are too demanding, experience working at Papa's Wingeria, Papa Louie 2, and Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Games to learn more about pleasing customers.