Papa's Wingeria

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About Papa's Wingeria

Welcome to the 6th season of the Papa Louie series called Papa's Wingeria. In this part, you play a Wingeria restaurant waiter and serve your customers.

Wingeria restaurant is a grilled chicken restaurant located in the city center. This restaurant has two waiters named Chulk and Mandi who will cook the delicious grilled chicken as well as serve customers at the same time. You will play as one of these two waiters and perform these tasks. Your everyday responsibilities consist of taking client orders, frying chicken, and adding sauce before artfully plating the dish. Besides, you should not keep your clients waiting too long while preparing the meals and filling their orders. If you keep customers waiting too long, they will be unhappy and give your restaurant bad reviews. Of course, the waiter will have a training session on how to cook the grilled chicken as well as how to serve customers on your first working day like the previous works in Papa's Pizzeria, Papa's Sushiria, and Papa's Burgeria.

Features of the game

  • At some time, players can create their own characters.
  • Players can choose to work on the night shift or the day shift.
  • It's simple to control with your computer mouse.