Penguin Cookshop

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Some Interesting Things About Penguin Cookshop

Penguin Cookshop is a great entertaining restaurant game. You play as a penguin serving customers while earning the requested amount in a certain time.

As I mentioned earlier, you will play as a human penguin who has just opened a restaurant in the land of Antarctica. Your task is to serve customers the menu they request. After inviting guests to the table, listen to what they ordered and bring it to the customer. Your precious guests are very hungry. Therefore, you should not let them wait long. If your customers leave or go to another restaurant because of a long wait, you will be deducted some points. In addition, the game will ask you to earn a certain amount of money in a certain period of time. To maintain and grow your restaurant, you must complete it. On the contrary, if you do not fulfill the goal, your restaurant will go bankrupt. If running your own restaurant is too difficult, you can start by working as a waitress at Penguin Diner and Penguin Diner 2.

How to play

Players use the computer mouse to play.