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Get ready to take care of a pet named Pou in the Pou game. Let's be an important part of your pet's developmental journey in the game.

Take good care of Pou

As mentioned above, you own a cute little pet and you will be responsible for taking care of this pet Pou. You will have to perform all the basic tasks of a caregiver such as helping Pou shower, brush his teeth, eat, and more. Can you be a good caregiver as well as a great friend to Pou? Play and test!

There is a progress bar that will let you know when Pou is at his best. Always keep that progress bar at 100. In addition, notices about Pau's status will also appear regularly. That way, you'll know what you need to do next. This care simulation game is amazing just like Bitlife: Life Simulator simulation game. Have fun!

Some activities that you must do in the job of taking care of Pou

  • Feed your pet when it is hungry. Remember to drink water often.
  • Keep Pou clean by bathing daily. Dry Pou after bathing and always remember to brush Pou's teeth.
  • When your pet is sick, help your pet get better by giving him medicine.