Rescue 2D Princes

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The Rescue 2D Princes game gives you a mission to rescue the princess who is trapped in a strange place. Solve the puzzles and get to the princess's location.

The mission of Rescue 2D Princes

You play as a hero in this game. The princess of the kingdom is locked in a strange place. As a hero, you are ready to embark on a journey to rescue the princess and bring her back to the king. To get to the place where the princess is locked, you have to go through traps. A trap has both precious and deadly items. Getting those precious items while you're safe is how you can overcome the pitfalls. Each trap is conquered by you until you reach the place where the princess is locked. Free the princess to conquer this game.

Instruction to play

There will be lava and precious items on each level. Normally to get those items, you will have to move the lava so that it doesn't fall on you. Move the lava flow to a location safe for you, you unlock to drop items in your place. Thus, you complete the task at that level. Using the mouse to hold and move the bars is how you move objects in this game. Have a great time!