Slap and Run

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Play the exciting game called Slap and Run to have a great entertainment time. In this game, you have a mission of slapping as many people as possible.

Slap people in the Slap and Run game

Get ready to be a naughty stickman and mess with others. In this game, you will conduct a bad activity which is to slap other people on the road. Control your stickman character to run over residents and slap them. They will be extremely angry and chase you. Don't let them catch you while continuing this evil behavior with many others. The more people you slap, the higher score you get.

There are some obstacles on the road that you have to notice to avoid. The chainsaw moving on the road. Its movement speed is quite fast. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good reflex to control the character to avoid them. The boxing machine will work if your character hit the start button on the road. The stickman will get hurt if it hits him. In addition, some stickman residents on the road have the ability to run fast. It's highly likely that you will be caught.

However, the game also provides some supportive items for you such as a big box. Control your game character to jump and hide in these boxes. After successfully avoiding attacks from other stickmen, you continue your mission. Finally, don't forget to check out Monkey Mart for a more great game.


How to control the character in this game is so simple for both Desktop and Mobile.

  • Desktop: Swipe the mouse left and right to navigate the game character.
  • Mobile: Your hand swipes the character to move left and right.