Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes

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Let's learn how to make delicious cupcakes by playing the Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes game. Be confident to make great cupcakes and become a master chef.

Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes information

Parkour is taking a baking course. This is the first time she has set foot in the kitchen and performs the job like a chef. Let's support her to make great cupcakes and then invite friends to enjoy them. Do not worry if you have never done this job. There will be a guide to help you know the next step you should do. Therefore, wear a chef jacket and enter the kitchen right away.

Stages in the Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes game

There are two stages in the game that you have to do, including making cupcakes and making sauces. In the baking stage, you should prepare the necessary principles such as sugar, flour, cocoa flour, milk, etc. Do not forget to put them in a bowl and mix them well with a mixer. After a good combination, put it in the tray and start grilling. In the second stage, you will mix a great sauce so everyone can enjoy the most perfect cupcakes. After being successful in learning to bake, you can learn to make burgers in the Yummy Super Burger game.