Squid Game Cookie Puzzle

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Squid Game Cookie Puzzle belongs to the puzzle game genre inspired by the movie squid game. Win the game by cutting the available cake shapes perfectly.

The game rules of Squid Game Cookie Puzzle

This puzzle game offers a lot of delicious candies with different shapes on them. Your task in this game is to use a tool like a needle to cut the candy into the shape of that candy. Based on the shapes of the candies to perform this task.

You must remember that the candy must be cut exactly to the shape of the candy with no imperfections occurring. You will get a low rating if that new candy is partially or more missing from its shape. There are many candies with different complex shapes that you can experience in this game. Complete quests with easy candy and then experiment with candy of higher shape and complexity.

The game control

To start your mission in this game, you tap on the screen for the tool to appear. Then hold down the left mouse button to hold the tool. Keep holding the left mouse button and move the mouse to move the tool. Try to control the tool to move properly with the contour of the shape.