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When you play Stabfish.io, you can transform into a lethal sea creature and swim through the ocean. Consume as many green dots as you can and eliminate other fish.

Bloody Battles in Stabfish.io

Let's take part in the bloody battle that takes place in the ocean between fish for food in this game. This game is more competitive than Papa's Pizzeria, Pacman, and Friday Night Funkin' because it is a multiplayer game.

To gain strength in this fight, you must swim around and eat as many green dots as you can. In addition, in order to lengthen your tusk, you must also kill other ocean fish. Your strength is demonstrated by a long tusk. The more powerful you are, the longer your tusk is.

There is a leaderboard. To put your name on the leaderboard, improve your power to be the strongest fish with the longest tusk.

More Information For You

To gain access to cool skins and tusks, complete achievements. On our website, you also can check out Tiny Fishing, Taming.io, EvoWars.io, Slope Soccer, and Drift F1 after playing this game.

How to control the fish:

  • Control it with the mouse.
  • To accelerate, hold down the left mouse button.