Steal The Meal

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The mission of Steal The Meal

Steal The Meal belongs to the puzzle game genre in which you have the task of controlling a mouse to bring sausages to the cat. Don't let the cat get angry!

On a cool night, the rats made a robbery to eat food from a family's refrigerator. Unfortunately, that family's domestic cat caught a picture of the rat robbing. That cat had threatened that if these rats offered him hot dogs, he would spare their lives. Therefore, the mice now have to cooperate to satisfy the cat's needs. However, it is not easy to get sausages. Are you ready to help these mice to complete the mission? Let's see what you need to do.

Bring sausages to the cat

There is a door that connects the sausage area to the cat's refrigerator. You have to control the mouse to bring the sausages to that door. However, there are different types of foods that are blocking your way. Therefore, you must move the other mice so that there is a path so that the mouse holding the sausage can reach the door. You must note that the door is closed. Therefore, the two sides of the door need space to be able to open it. That way, the mouse is able to carry the sausage through the door to get to the cat's position.