Sushi Party

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Sushi Party is a kind of multiplayer io game in which you transform into a snake and enjoy delicious sushi. The world of Japanese food is waiting for you.

The gameplay

This multiplayer io game is designed quite similarly to the classic snake game. In this game, you will play the role of a hungry snake and join the playground to enjoy great Japanese food. However, this playground is also very dangerous when there are many other snakes waiting for the opportunity to eat you.

In specific, when your snake eats the food that is available around you and is limitless, it will become larger and longer. If your snake or any snake collides with another snake, your snake's body will transform into the food you used to eat. That means you become food for other snakes. In addition, the snakes or online players in other words will release shit after consuming a certain amount of food. Therefore, when controlling snakes to consume food, you should pay attention to avoid eating the shit.

How to control: use the mouse to control and hold the left mouse button to accelerate.

Features of the game

  • The leaderboard is available in the Sushi Party game
  • It's easy to change the color of your snake in the home section. Besides, you can unlock accessories for snakes such as hats, glasses, and other accessories.
  • Play in the two-player mode if you want to compete with your friend on the same playing device.