Sushi Roll

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Welcome to the Sushi Roll game! Get ready to roll delicious sushi across the platforms and earn coins. Don't let the sushi pieces fall off the platform.

How the Sushi Roll game works

Welcome to the world of food. Join our special character, a piece of sushi, to explore the cuisine of Japan and even other countries. So how can we discover them? There is a delicious piece of sushi lying on a strange background. You will roll and control it on that platform so that this piece of sushi does not fall off the platform. Pieces of sushi are also not allowed to roll into the holes on the platform. If that happens, the game is over.

During the rolling sushi, you will see the dishes displayed on either side of the platform. From traditional to modern, you will discover the culinary scene. You also need to be careful to collect gold coins on the platform.

Features of the Sushi Roll game

  • The rolling speed of the sushi piece will increase over time. You need to work together to react promptly.
  • Control the sushi simply by tapping or clicking on the screen.
  • Sushi rolls over any area, that area will disappear.