Sushi Rush

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About Sushi Rush

Sushi Rush is about the interesting journey of sushi. Your mission in the game is to control the sushi piece quickly and avoid all obstacles so as not to eat.

The design of the Sushi Rush game

The game is designed with interesting gameplay when sushi is trying to not be consumed. Specifically, there is a wooden bridge on the river's surface. On that bridge, there are obstacles and traps that make your sushi consumption. For example, steamed cages, rice bowls, dumplings, and more will be responsible for preventing sushi movement. Besides, the appearance of plates that can move will cause your sushi to be consumed. Therefore, you must control your character running fast while avoiding obstacles. Take note that if your sushi is caught or falls into the water, the game also ends.

How to control

The left, right, and up arrow keys will be used to move your sushi.

Achieving the highest score possible

This Sushi Rush game is quite similar to the Slope Run game when it seems to be an endless game. Each dance of your sushi will receive a point. Thus, your score will be higher and higher if your sushi pieces last longer. Anyone can play this interesting and cute game on any smart device. Do not hesitate to play it now!