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Territorial.io is a multiplayer action game where players from all over the world are fighting for territory. To improve your territory, you need to capture the land of bots and other players. Let's conquer as many territories as possible and become the most powerful player.

Territorial.io Modes

Territorial.io offers a variety of game modes, with two of those modes being single-player and multiplayer. You can select the One Player mode to practice. You will compete against 500 other players from around the world in Multiplayer mode.

Game Guides

Let's participate in the battles for territory in this game alongside 500 other players from all over the world.

Your capital's location on a global map must first be selected. Then, in order to conquer inhabited lands, you must continually click the Weapon button when the fight begins.

After that, if you want to get bigger, you have to attack territories held by enemies and stop their attacks. You want to be the largest nation in the world and climb to the top of the leaderboard. Best of luck and try your best.

Controls: To play, use the mouse.

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