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About Toastellia

It's time to make delicious toasts in Toastellia. Come to this game and give everyone amazing toast for their breakfast. Are you ready to experience it?

The mission of the game

When you join this Toastellia game, you will become the manager of a toast shop. In the early morning, a lot of people will come to your shop to buy bread because they don't have time to make breakfast for themselves. Help them have a delicious breakfast! At the same time, when people are satisfied with the toast you make, the customers will appreciate your shop and of course, your toast shop will grow.

Some notes for you to play

  • Don't keep your customers waiting long if you don't want to get bad feedback from customers.
  • Collect additional materials and decorations, such as stickers, to make your business more appealing to customers.
  • There are many games similar to this game like Papa Cherry Saga, Papa's Taco Mia, and Papa's Cupcakes Cooking Games.