Turkey Cooking Simulator

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The ultimate information of Turkey Cooking Simulator

Welcome to the Turkey Cooking Simulator game! This cooking game will give you a chance to learn and experience how to cook a turkey. Have a great time!

Cook a turkey

As a cooking enthusiast or searching for recipes, you cannot ignore this game. This game will teach you to cook an attractive and delicious turkey. Click the Help button on the screen to have a look at basic information about Turkey and this game or you can enjoy the game right away by pressing the Start button.

When accessing this game, you take the extra step of choosing a gender and choosing a game mode from Casual Mode and Hardcore mode. The casual mode is designed for those who have no culinary horror and this mode also allows time skips. In contrast, the hardcore mode offers real-time cooking action. Then you start your journey to get your perfect turkey. Go to the market to buy ingredients, clean turkey, prepare, and cook.

How to control

Like all other cooking simulation games like Cooking Madness - A Chef's Game and Birthday Cake For Mom, the only thing you need to remember is to use the mouse to play.

Access the Help section to get supportive information

If you don't know how to start this cooking game, it's highly recommended that you should visit the Help section. This is meant to be a theoretical guide to make your experience easier and more enjoyable. Useful information that you can obtain in this section includes:

  • Oven interface
  • Opening/ closing oven
  • Startup - store
  • Kitchen and items
  • Checking on the turkey
  • Taking out the turkey
  • Judgment
  • Family