Where's My Pizza?

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Where's My Pizza? is a game about your pizza delivery job. Your task is to take the bike and trailer and get ready to deliver delicious pizzas to customers.

Pizza delivery

The pizza restaurant called Paolo's Pizza by the famous pizzeria Paolo is recruiting pizza delivery staff. In your spare time, you applied for this job. So what is your mission?

Customers will use the restaurant's online ordering service to order the restaurant's pizza. You are responsible for delivering orders to that customer's location. When you do this job, you are given a bicycle and a trailer that contains pizza. Ride the bike to tow the trailer and deliver pizza to your beloved guests. You will receive shipping and tips from customers if you satisfy them. Alternatively, you can go to Pizza Party to learn how to make pizza and then continue selling it to customers.

Difficulty in the delivery process

Pizza delivery job in the game Where's My Pizza? seems very easy, but it is very difficult to complete. On your way from the Paolo restaurant to the customer's location, there are many challenges that you must overcome. For example, you must cycle uphill, downhill, or cycle through areas with complex traffic. If you are not careful, accidents will happen or your pizza may fall on the road. Such circumstances will result in your quest not being completed. Therefore, you should ride carefully.