Zoo Feeder

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Zoo Feeder is a fun arcade game for everyone to relax and entertain. Collect as many watermelons as you can and feed the hippopotamus to reach the zoo area.

Description of Zoo Feeder

The context of this game is very interesting where you have to feed the hippo to get to the place you want. Specifically, the destination you want to go to is in the middle of a lake and there is only one bridge leading to it. However, this bridge is guarded by cute hippos. If you want to cross this bridge, you have to feed these hippos with watermelon. Hippos will require you to give it a certain number of watermelons before they let you through. Therefore, you must collect as many watermelons as possible to meet the needs of the hippo.

Some notes for players

  • This Zoo Feeder game has many levels which are sorted by increasing difficulty. As you level up, the hippos will ask you for more watermelons. Besides, there are also obstacles that make the number of watermelons you collect decrease.
  • It's easy to turn the game's sound effects on and off by tapping the speaker icon like in the Bitlife: Life Simulator game. Besides, you can also upgrade the item to collect watermelons when there are many gems.